FORCE BENEDICT Churchillís Secret Mission to Save Stalin
Churchillís Secret Mission to Save Stalin 
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A remarkable book about a little known collaborative endeavour during the Second World War between Great Britain and the Soviet Union in which the former nation dispatched a wing of Hurricane fighters to assist the Soviets in defending the key northern port of Murmansk against a possible seizure by the Germans in 1941.151 Wing took part in combat actions against the Germans in the far north above the Arctic Circle and also trained Soviet fighter pilots to fly Hurricane fighters and support personnel in maintaining a fighter wing in the field.
World War II fighter pilot Eric Carter is one of only four surviving members of a secret mission, code-named "Force Benedict." Sanctioned by Winston Churchill in 1941, Force Benedict was dispatched to defend Murmansk, the USSR's only port not under Nazi occupation. If Murmansk fell, Soviet resistance against the Nazis would be hard to sustain and Hitler would be able to turn all his forces on Britain. Force Benedict was under the command of New Zealand-born RAF Wing Commander Henry Neville Gynes Ramsbottom-Isherwood, who led two squadrons of Hurricane fighters, pilots, and ground crew which were shipped to Russia in total secrecy on the first ever Arctic Convoy. They were told to defend Murmansk against the Germans "at all costs." "We all reckoned the government thought we'd never survive"óbut Eric Carter did, and was threatened with court martial if he talked about where he'd been or what he'd done. Now he reveals his experiences of 70 years ago in the hell on earth that was Murmansk, the largest city north of the Arctic Circle. It will also include previously unseen photos and documents, as well as exploringófor the first timeóother intriguing aspects of Force Benedict