New 617 Sqn Memorial Dedication at Royal Square Woodhall Spa Sunday 19 May 2013

Veterans Johnny Johnson and Les Munro in front
of the new memorial
Two of the last surviving original Dambusters have given their seal of approval to a new 617 Squadron memorial.

Pilot Les Munro, 94, and bomb aimer George ‘Johnny’ Johnson, 91, said the black granite sculpture in Woodhall Spa was very fitting.
The tribute is to all post 1945 air and ground crew from 617 who gave their lives for their country and it sits alongside the squadron’s Second World War memorial in Royal Square. Its shape symbolises the Vulcan and Tornado aircraft flown by the squadron in the years after the war.
Mr Munro, who had travelled from New Zealand for the anniversary commemorations, said: “I was very impressed with the new memorial.“It looks much better than we anticipated.
“We had seen the drawings and the finished article has turned out really well.”
Mr Johnson, who lives in the West Country, said: “I like the new memorial.“It’s very in keeping with the squadron as it today.”
Wreaths were laid during the ceremony and a Lancaster bomber flew overhead, followed by two Tornados bearing special Dambusters 70 tail art.
The new memorial was designed by local artist Sylvia Waugh and carved by stonemasons Steve and Leon Andrews from Heighington.
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