The Battle of Britain, The  Facts
The Battle of Britain took place between July 10th and October 31st, (112 Days). These were the official Dates that were
decided by Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding Commander in Chief Fighter Command.

Churchill coined the name "Battle of Britain"in a speech on June 20th 1940

At the start of the Battle of Britain, Hitler had 2,800 aircraft stationed in France,Belgium,Holland and Norway. Two thirds of  these were bombers
Fighter Command had just 650 aircraft and 1.300 pilots, whose average age was just 20. Over the course of the battle 3,000 aircrew would serve in Fighter Command.

Around 20% of those were not from Britain, but came from the Btitish  Dominions or occupied or neutral countries of Europe.

Between July and October RAF fighter planes flew 80.000 . Bomber Command flew 9.180 sorties  to attack targets across the Channel in these raids they succeeded to sink over 200 of the invasion barges Hitler had massed for the invasion of Britain.

The Luftwaffe lost nearly 1.900 aircraft and more than 2.500 aircrew

Of the airman who fought in the Battle of Britain, 544 lossed their lives and a further 814 died before the end of the war.

3 RAF personnel were awarded the Victoria Cross they were Flt Lt James Nicolson, Flt Lt Roderick Learoyd and Sgt John Hannah

Flt Lt Eric Lock was the most successful pilot.He shot down 21 German aircraft . He died in action on August 3rd 1941.

Over all the Hurricanes shot down 656 enemy aircraft and Spitfires 529

The Battle of Britain is commemorated on September the 15th as the turning point in the war