.Biggin Hill, St George's Chapel of Remembrance.
St George’s Royal Air Force Chapel of Remembrance at Biggin Hill stands on what was Royal Air Force Station Biggin Hill.  The most famous period of its history is as a fighter station during the Second World War and it will remain forever linked, with the Battle of Britain, fought in the air in 1940.  The Chapel is beautiful in its simplicity, following the design of a previous Station church, destroyed by fire in 1946.  It stands as a memorial to all aircrew, from the Royal Air Force, Commonwealth and Allied Air Forces, who died flying from the Biggin Hill Sector during World War ll.

Stained glass windows showing the spirit of a young pilot holding an emblem or badge are a joy to see. On both sides of the altar, gold lettering records the names of aircrew, who paid the ultimate sacrifice, whilst in the Remembrance Book the 454 names are listed by date and a page is turned daily.

On guard, at the Chapel gates, are a Spitfire and a Hurricane which are dedicated to the aircrews.  These full size detailed replicas have the markings of aircraft which flew from the airfield during the Battle of Britain.

Ground crew of the war years are also remembered in 4 of the 17 beautiful stained glass windows. In one, the 3 Military Medals, awarded to members of the Womens’ Auxiliary Air Force at Biggin Hill are shown.  During the war, only 6 were awarded in total.

Many interesting items are displayed, all of which have a story to tell. A Caretaker will gladly show you around, answering any questions you have. Whether you come out of interest or on a pilgrimage, young or old, you will learn something new and experience the peace of this wonderful memorial.

There is an Anglican Service every Sunday at 9.30am
and Roman Catholic Mass each Saturday at 6pm.