“The guys I was with were pretty switched on and applied rapid first aid, which saved my life.”
In less than a year, the RAF Regiment battler has stunned doctors with his recovery and he is already learning how to walk again.
Stuart said: “Just standing up, let alone walking, has been difficult.
“But my goal is to walk freely again and take my son out again - without a wheelchair.”
“One of the risks of the job was getting injured.
“All I’ve done is recovered.”    Sturt was awarded  A Sun Millie award

Nominated by the RAF Association, Amy’s life was “turned upside down” when the vehicle her husband, Cpl Stuart ‘Stu’ Robinson, was riding in ran over an improvised explosive device in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. The corporal sustained life changing injuries, including having one leg amputated while at Camp Bastion hospital, and the other leg amputated three weeks later back in the UK.

Amy herself left the RAF and moved with Stu and their son George, closer to their family. They admit that they’ve had some difficult times. Amy and Stu have spoken at RAF Association conferences about their family’s experiences, inspiring many with their story.

It was Amy’s adaptation to her new life that motivated the Association’s Marketing & Communications Manager Justine Baynes, to put her forward for a Soldiering On Award.

“Never once has she moaned or complained. All you will hear Amy talk about are the positives of their new life. Her lack of self-pity is inspirational and not only does she not complain, she inspires others too.”

Amy was recognised at the 2015 Soldiering On Awards held on 18 April at the Park Plaza Westminster in London.

To read more about Amy and Stu visit: https://www.cobseo.org.uk/helping-the-raf-association-tell-the-raf-familys-stories/S
Stuart almost died when his armoured Jackal triggered a Taliban bomb.
The married dad-of-three was in the front left seat and took the full force of the blast.
His horrific injuries from Afghanistan included 18 spine fractures, broken pelvis, burst bladder, lower-leg amputation plus a broken arm, jaw, shoulder blades and ribs.
Stuart, 31, who has since had both legs amputated, said: “I remember nothing of the event.
“From what I have been told, we were on a patrol providing cover for aircraft coming into Camp Bastion. “I was blown out of the
vehicle, landing face down 20ft away.
A massive well done to Stu and Amy Robinson for winning the 2015 Family Values Award at this year's Soldiering On Awards!