We hope to keep you up-to-date with Adult Care information and events. This edition includes:
Call Derbyshire Health Professionals Open Day
Adult Care Referrals
Dementia Community Roadshow
Good Health Group
21c #JoinedUpCare Update
Health and Wellbeing Information Points
First Contact Signposting Scheme from April 2016
Purple Day 2016
Tell us what you think about Adult Care information
Call Derbyshire Health Professionals Open Day
Call Derbyshire 2
Adult Care at Call Derbyshire are holding a Health Professionals Open Day on Wednesday 16 March from 1.30pm untill 3.30pm.

The session will include a presentation explaining the Social Worker and Community Care Worker roles at Call Derbyshire, who Adult Care staff communicate with and how they can assist health professionals. The presentation will also look at how health staff can assist Adult Care staff when making referrals.

The open day will be held at the Call Derbyshire base at Shand House, Dale Road, South, Darley Dale, Nr Matlock, DE4 3RY.

If you would like to attend please email brett.durant@derbyshire.gov.uk with the number of places requires and the names and positions of delegates. If you require any further information please contact the Call Derbyshire Adult Care Team on 01629 533106.

Please note this event is for health professionals only. If you are a professional from another organisation and have a query about the Adult Care Team at Call Derbyshire, please email contact.centre@derbyshire.gov.uk

Adult Care Referrals

We receive a variety of referrals for Adult Care services. Below is how best to make each type of referral and the methods available, to ensure the best response for your patients/clients.

Methods for submitting a referral

We offer a variety of methods for making a referral these can be:

Using the on-line forms available for GP’s, health professionals and multi-agency organisations
By secure email using the GCSX email account of the relevant area office
By post directly to the relevant area office.
Secure GCSX email accounts are used for receiving email and on-line referrals. Referrals submitted online are sent to the relevant area GCSX account. The address for each local area office can be found on our website. Please note that if you are emailing a referral directly (as opposed to using our online forms) it is your responsibility to ensure your organisation's secure email system is compatible with GCSX. The online referral forms offer a way to submit a referral securely even if you do not have access to a secure email system.

To make a referral you need to provide sufficient information about what is required for a judgement to be made for the most appropriate response.  

Please do not use brief explanations like ‘not coping’ or ‘struggling to cope’, as these do not provide sufficient information about the persons needs to enable the correct worker to be allocated.

On-line referrals

Use of the forms has now seen a total of 1,342 referrals being submitted on line, with 457 of these being in the last quarter of 2015. Using the on-line form also means you will get an acknowledgement confirming receipt.  

Downloaded forms/email referrals

You can download referral forms from our website. There are a few things that will improve the process:

When you make referrals by secure email and attach a form, please send the form in Word not PDF format. This enables our staff to copy and paste your text directly into our IT system. This makes it quicker for us and negates the need for re-typing and the possibility of errors
Avoid completing forms by hand if possible, as again requires the information to be re-typed into our system
Please complete all the fields on the forms if you hold the information.
These forms have been jointly agreed by health and social care colleagues.

Referrals to adult care via Call Derbyshire

You can contact Call Derbyshire by calling tel: 01629 533190. They are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am to 4pm Saturdays. Outside of these times we provide an out of hours service for some areas including social care, where there is an urgent need for an immediate response.

Types of referral

Our website has information on the best methods of making referrals depending on whether they are:

Urgent – same day response
Urgent – same day response – out of hours
Please have a look to ensure that you are using the best method for actioning your request. 

Routine referrals may take up to 72 hours to be processed.  For routine referrals a holistic assessment will be completed by the receiving adult social care team, and triaging/decision making will define which ‘route’ the referral will take.  This may be signposting to Brokerage or other external agencies. If there is a substantial identified need, and a face to face assessment is required the referral may be passed to area social care teams.  We aim to make an assessment with 28 days, but this is not guaranteed, so it is important that you use the appropriate means to send your referral to us.

Further information or queries

If you have any queries about the on-line referral forms then please contact Alison Briddon, Business Services Officer on 01629 532422.  If your query is about the referral/frontline process then please contact Joanna Delor, Service Manager on 07769642136.  You can also email contact.centre@derbyshire.gov.uk (NB please do not send any confidential information to this address including client names and/or addresses).

Dementia Community Roadshow
Receiving a timely dementia diagnosis and accessing post-diagnosis support is crucial to enable people with dementia and their carers to live well. With 11,027 people predicted to be living in Derbyshire with dementia, The Alzheimer's Society are holding a number of Dementia Community Roadshow . The aim of these is to reach out to local communities and offer information and advice to those who are worried about their own, or someone else's, memory.

Anyone with questions about dementia is encouraged to drop by, with no appointment necessary.

On Tuesday 22 March from 10am-4pm the Dementia Community Roadshow will be at the St Oswald's Hospital car park in Ashbourne .There will be an opportunity to speak to local Alzheimer's Society staff and find out more about the Roadshow and the other work they do to support people with dementia.

Please confirm if you are able to attend by emailing: ed.bevan@alzheimers.org.uk

Good Health Group
Good health
The Good Health Group meet to talk about the health of people with learning disabilities and look at ways to improve it. They want to hear what people think about all health and care services including ambulances, hospitals, care homes, mental health services and dentists.

People with learning disabilities, family carers and professionals are welcome to attend the group. The meetings are held from 10am till 12.30pm and the next dates are:

Wednesday 20 April - Committee Room 1, County Hall, Matlock
Wednesday 8 June - The Post Mill Centre, South Normanton
Wednesday 20 July - Committee Room 1, County Hall, Matlock.
If you wish to attend or speak at an upcoming meeting please contact tanya@healthwatchderbyshire.co.uk

21c #JoinedUpCare Update
21 century
21st Century #JoinedUpCare (or ‘21c’ for short) is the North Derbyshire plan for health and social care in the future. It has been developed by the health and social care organisations across northern Derbyshire. As people are living longer, and with more complex health and social care needs, the aim of 21c is to find smarter and new ways of working together that improve services for citizens and use public money in the best possible way. Overall they want to make sure patients receive not just high-quality clinical care, but well-organised care that enables a good patient experience.

Fundamentally, the aim of their plan is to keep people:

Safe and healthy – free from crisis and exacerbation
At home – out of social and health care beds
Independent – managing with minimum support
...which will be founded on building strong, vibrant communities.

A critical element of the plan is the development of ‘Community Hubs’ – through which joined up community based services will be delivered across North Derbyshire. 21c have been reviewing these services in four areas in more detail, with a view to starting a full consultation this spring:

Older Persons Mental Health
Community Bedded Care
Urgent Access to Care
Learning Disabilities
For some of the above service areas there will be specific proposals and questions, while others will see the start of a process of discussion and engagement.

You can find out more by visiting the JoinedUpCare website.

Health and Wellbeing Information Points
A few years ago all GP practices in the county should have been issued with a Derbyshire County Council purple card leaflet holder. They hold three of our suite of six A5 key information leaflets.

Sadly quite a few of them seem to have ‘fallen by the wayside’. We are trying to track down those that are still in place to bring them up to date and identify where they need replacing.  We are also constantly on the look-out for new places to set up information points.

Displaying Adult Care Leaflets  - The Options

GP practices, hospitals, community centres, residential establishments, and partner organisations can have 1 or more of these holders to display our leaflets. If your reception or communal space means you are struggling for counter-top space we can provide a clear plastic, wall mounted holder instead.

Alternatively, for those with more space, and in locations with good ‘footfall’ we can provide a banner stand that also holds six A5 leaflets.

info point
All these display options and the leaflets are provided to you free of charge.

We also have a limited number of iPads which link to wellbeing, housing, district council and health information. They require wifi access and a plug socket, and can be either stand mounted or fixed to a desk or shelf top. They are provided free of charge and are installed and maintained free of charge. They would need to use your wifi and electricity. If you would be interested in hosting one of these please contact us (details below).

We publish the location of all our Health and Wellbeing Zones or Information Points online.

Why bother to display Adult Care information on your premises?

The Care Act requires us to make information about services as widely available as possible. All our Adult Care leaflets are available in alternate formats of easy read, braille, audio, other languages, large print on request.

In the last Citizen’s Panel survey undertaken by Derbyshire County Council, Derbyshire residents overwhelmingly indicated that they would prefer to access information about Adult Care services via their GP surgery.

We’re providing the display holders and leaflets free of charge so keeping them stocked won't cost you a penny.

Ordering supplies of leaflets

An online order form is available for you to order stocks and change the leaflets you display (once you have a display box you will be added to the list of establishments who are able to order).

In addition, the holders themselves have an Information Team telephone number printed on them, to contact us. Leaflet titles currently available are:

Guide to Adult Care
First Contact Signposting Scheme
Guide to Carer’s Services
Guide to Dementia Services
Handy Van Services
Keeping Adults Safe
What to do

If you already have one of our purple holders and are not on the web list please contact us so you can be added and be able to use the on-line order form

If you do not have any Adult Care leaflet provision and want to request any of the display options above, or use your existing display units and just want a supply of leaflets then please get in touch.

Information Team Contact

Alison Briddon - Information Team – Prevention Services

email: alison.briddon@derbyshire.gov.uk   tel: 01629 532422

First Contact Signposting Scheme from April 2016
First Contact
We are pleased to announce that from April 2016 we are making some improvements to our First Contact Signposting Scheme.

This includes the addition of new questions and referral pathways to signpost people to:

Befriending services
Support to improve their emotional/mental wellbeing
Volunteering/Time Bank opportunities
Help with a drug problem
Help to reduce alcohol use
Support from the Disability Employment Service
Improvements will also be made to the current falls pathway. From April there will be a choice between a referral for a falls prevention assessment (for people who have a high risk of falling) or a posted information pack about how to reduce the risk of falls (for people who have a lower risk of falling).

The new questions/referral pathways will be open from 1 April. Our online referral form will be amended accordingly. From the end of March will we be distributing the new version of the First Contact booklet which will include the new form with the new questions. If you would like to order copies of the new booklet, please email firstcontact@derbyshire.gov.uk

Purple Day 2016
Don't forget that Saturday 26 March is Purple Day.

Purple Day is an international awareness day dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy. People in countries around the world are invited to wear purple clothes and host events in support of epilepsy awareness.

Epilepsy affects around one in every 100 people in the UK and 87 people are diagnosed with the condition every day. Despite this, it is still an often misunderstood condition. Purple Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness.

You can find out more by visiting the Purple Day website or using the #PurpleDay on social media.  

Tell us what you think about Adult Care information
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With the introduction of the Care Act this has become even more important and we are always looking to improve. So how do you think we are doing? Is it easy to find information about Adult Care? Is the information we produce relevant? Does it answer your/your client's queries? Do you think this newsletter is a good way of sharing information with other organisations who work in and around adult social care?
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