SACW Maria Parnell-Green after she suffered a serious head injury whilst on deployment in the Falklands. As a result of the accident, she suffered a major stroke which led to a raft of other health complications. Despite battling back from her injuries and undergoing re-training, Maria was devastated to be medically discharged from the RAF in 2004.
After leaving the RAF, Maria began a career with Tesco and was enjoying her civilian life. She suffered a huge setback in 2007 however, when she developed serious epilepsy and was unable to continue working. Coping with serious epilepsy has been incredibly hard for Maria and she has struggled with depression. Despite all this however, she went on to have two wonderful children
Financial help that helped to rebuild a life
In 2011 Maria split with her partner and ended up with major financial problems. She ended up temporarily moving back to live with her parents. Maria had been turned down twice for a war pension and was left in dire straits financially, unable to work and with two young children to support. Thankfully, the RAF Association were able to help. We have helped Maria re-organise her finances and accessed grants to help her set up a new home. We have also helped get her war pension appeal re-heard and are hoping for a successful outcome.
Maria is optimistic about the future and is taking a law degree to help build a better life for her and her boys: “Every day is a struggle, but my family and the RAF Association are amazing and when I have a bad day they are here for me”.
Training the RAF Association welfare officers is vitally important to ensure that they are equipped to deal with complex situations and issues that people like Maria and her children face each day. By supporting the RAF Association you are helping to fund this vital training so that we can help more people like Maria.