Former Senior Aircraftsman Pappinder (Pindi) Singh served with the RAF from 1988 until 1997, as an Aircraft Mechanic specialising on air frames.
After leaving the RAF he took up a role with the Royal Mail in Edinburgh, where he lives with his wife Asha and their four children.
But the family have faced real difficulties. Their daughter, Sukhveer was diagnosed with junior arthritis and has to attend a
Keeping an ex-RAF family together
clinic each week for blood tests and painful injections.Asha, Pindi’s wife, is confined to a wheelchair and spends long, painful periods in bed. She suffers blindness in one eye and severe pain from a prolapsed disc, which has made it impossible for her to look after the children.
Pindi, as the main carer, struggled to look after the family and had to take extended time off from his job with stress, which caused severe financial difficulties. As an incredibly proud man he was determined to continue working to support his family and not rely on benefits, but the potential loss of the family home and a break up of family life became a very real possibility.
He also found it very difficult and frustrating to deal with local agencies to try and get help looking after his family while he was at work.
I don’t know where I would be without the RAF Association’s help and support, it has made a really big difference to my life. Thank you
The RAF Association, working with Muriel Prior, the Assistant Welfare Officer for the Edinburgh, Lothians & Borders branch, in a co-ordinated approach with the RAF Benevolent Fund, stepped in with financial help.
By alleviating the strain of the financial debt, the RAF Association allowed Pindi to be more flexible in his working hours with his employers. Child care costs were also covered by the extra money available each month.
By providing a new, suitable bed upstairs for Asha’s disabilities, their lounge, which was being used as Asha’s bedroom has returned back to a family room so they have all been able to live as a family once again.
Pindi and the family are still struggling but they are hugely grateful to the Association and the members of Scotland Area for the support they have received.