Imagine you've been given the devastating news that your
husband is suddenly paralysed from the chest down and youre about to become his full time carer. Then think about how you would pay your bills This is the terrible situation Pauline Dishman faced recently. But thanks to support from the RAF Association, she now knows that although her husband Doug will remain in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, they wouldn't lose their home. Doug, who was a Ground Technician in the RAF for 22 years, collapsed and was rushed to A&E. He was diagnosed with an epidural abscess
on his spine. Due to the fact that the abscess had developed around his spinal cord, Doug unfortunately became paralysed from the chest down following emergency surgery.
Realising that she wouldn't  be able to work for the foreseeable future, if ever again, Pauline became very worried about paying
bills, compounded by expensive 120-mile round trips to visit Doug in his specialist hospital. The RAF Association came to help, working alongside sister charity the RAF Benevolent Fund on this case. Pauline said The RAF Association has offered us outstanding kindness and calmness at this heart-breaking time. As well as helping us in the short-term, we were particularly grateful for help towards accommodation over Christmas, so I could spend more time with Doug.
Doug commented: The help we have received from the RAF
Association has helped me to concentrate on becoming well enough to go home. Knowing that Pauline was getting so much support really took the pressure off, and we can't thank them enough!
Pauline and Dougs story