The following websites can be very useful and may even save you money. If you have any more ideas for additions to this page please email me by clicking on the envelope below

1. Free Antivirus Download:
Take Your Pick Between AVG and AVAST. Both are good but never use both on the same machine as they are likely to conflict.

Free AVG Antivirus Software

Free Avast Antivirus Software

Free Anti Spy Ware.
Slightly different from anti virus, they pick up key loggers and other malware. It is advisable to scan regularly with both these and anti virus and you can safely use both these anti spyware programmes together.

Free Super Anti Spyware Software

Free Malwarebytes Anti Spyware Software

Registry Cleaner:
Try Ccleaner to get rid of all your accumulated rubbish that slows down your machine.

Free Registry Cleaner

Free Open Office:
Does everything basic Microsoft Office can do, ideal for those who need the essentials and basics only with pdf converter. Fully compatible with all MS Office documents, spreadsheets, etc. Why spend 140 Pounds when you can have this free?

Free Office Suit

Retired Service Card
Applying for the RAFA Retired Service Cards provides a valuable replacement to your ID card, providing the proof that you served in the RAF and entitling you to range of discounts both at home and abroad:

Retired Service Card

Free UK TV
This site provides free UK TV and Films and is used by an internet service provider to provide a TV service for its customers
Free UK TV

Another site that provides free UK TV and many other stations. This one is good for sport. You must CLICK OFF the three ads that show before viewing
Free UK TV

Free Give Away Of The Day:
This web site really does give away a piece of fully licenced software free each day. Sign up with them then take it or leave it, its up to you.

Free Give Away Of The Day

Reliable Download Site
Another couple of websites from which you can safely download software, some of it free. Need to do something but not got the software, here you will find thousands of free, or free time limited trial versions, of software plus many other useful programmes.